Golden Triangle Tour with Mandawa

Golden Triangle Tour is in fact the most prevalent travel package for history lovers. At the point when the kind of Mandawa is added to this outing, it winds up spicier. We present you a vital outing to Delhi Agra Jaipur and Mandawa in 6 days and 5 nights. The trip incorporates the contemporary attractions of Delhi, the excellence of Taj Mahal, the legacy greatness of Rajasthan and the beautiful Havelis of Mandawa.

Itinerary of Golden Triangle Tour with Mandawa


On your arrival at Delhi air terminal, our agent will meet you and will move you to your hotel. Spend your night in the hotel and get ready for the following day’s voyage.


There are endless attractions in Delhi, which you can visit. There are numerous authentic locales situated in Old Delhi, and numerous significant structures situated in New Delhi. Additionally, you can appreciate shopping in the nearby markets of Delhi and can appreciate the best kind of inexpensive Indian food. Delhi has a multitudinous vacationer goal. Some of them incorporate Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk, Red Fort, India Gate, Rashtrapati Bhavan, Parliament House, Raj Ghat, Jantar Mantar, Feroz Shah Kotla Fort, Humayun’s Tomb, Qutab Minar, Lotus Temple and some more. After visiting these attractions, begin voyaging towards Agra and check-in the hotel after arriving here. Rest overnight!


Early morning, visit Taj Mahal and appreciate the dawn perspective on the Symbol of Love. You may also appreciate horse carriage ride close to Taj Mahal. From that point onward, come back to your hotel and have your morning meal. Later visit Agra Fort, Itmad-ud-Daula’s Tomb which is otherwise called the Baby Taj. After visiting these attractions, drive towards Fatehpur Sikri, which is an authentic town found a few kilometers from Agra. You can see the remains of the Mughal Empire in this town. This town has filled in as the capital of the Mughal Empire before it was moved to Lahore. You can, in any case, observe the greatness of the most dominant domain in the remains. Proceed with your voyage towards Jaipur. Reach Jaipur and stay overnight in the hotel.


Jaipur, also called the Pink City is the capital of the Indian province of Rajasthan. The city has countless attractions including Amer Fort, Jal Mahal Palace, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Isarlat, Galta Temple and some more.


Drive towards Mandawa, which is well known for its gigantic Havelis (houses). Sewaram Haveli , Ram Pratap Nemani Haveli , Hanuman Prasad Goenka Haveli etc. You will probably observe the genuine shades of a desert in this city. The mandawa city was made a thikana in the middle of the 18 century.

  • Drive to Mandawa in the Shekhawati region, known for its beautifully painted havelis (mansions).
  • Wander through the narrow lanes to admire the exquisite frescoes and artwork on the havelis.
  • Experience the rich cultural heritage and hospitality of the region.
  • Mandawa Continued:
    • While in Mandawa, consider a guided tour to understand the history and stories behind the intricately painted havelis. Some notable ones include the Murmuria Haveli, Goenka Double Haveli, and the Mandawa Castle.
    • Take a camel ride or a walk through the rustic landscapes surrounding Mandawa to witness rural life in Rajasthan.
  • Cultural Experiences:

    • Attend a traditional dance or music performance in Jaipur to experience the vibrant cultural heritage of Rajasthan.
    • Participate in a local cooking class to learn the art of preparing Rajasthani dishes and savor the flavors of the region.
  • Shopping:

    • Each city on this tour offers unique shopping experiences. Delhi is known for its bustling markets like Chandni Chowk, Agra for marble handicrafts, Jaipur for gemstones and textiles, and Mandawa for traditional Rajasthani artifacts.
  • Festivals and Events:

    • Check the local calendar for festivals or events during your visit. Participating in a local festival can provide an authentic cultural experience.
  • Accommodation:

    • Consider staying in heritage hotels in Jaipur, such as converted palaces or havelis, to immerse yourself in the royal ambiance.
    • In Mandawa, some havelis have been converted into boutique hotels, offering a unique stay amidst historical surroundings.
      • The town is known for its stunning havelis, showcasing exquisite frescoes that depict scenes from mythology, daily life, and cultural motifs. These frescoes often feature vibrant colors and detailed craftsmanship, making Mandawa a living art gallery.
    • Havelis of Mandawa:

      • Some of the notable havelis in Mandawa include the Murmuria Haveli, Goenka Double Haveli, and the Hanuman Prasad Goenka Haveli. These architectural gems reflect the prosperity and artistic sensibilities of the Marwari traders who once resided here.
    • Mandawa Castle:

      • The Mandawa Castle, also known as the Mandawa Fort, is a dominant structure in the town. This fortress has now been converted into a heritage hotel, offering visitors a chance to experience the grandeur of Rajasthan’s royal history.
    • Local Culture and Traditions:

      • Mandawa provides a glimpse into the traditional Rajasthani way of life. The locals are known for their warm hospitality, and the town often hosts cultural events and festivals that showcase the rich cultural heritage of the region.
    • Rural Landscapes:

      • Surrounding Mandawa are the picturesque landscapes of rural Rajasthan. Travelers can explore the countryside on camelback or by foot, encountering traditional villages, farms, and experiencing the simplicity of rural life.
    • Local Markets:

      • Mandawa has small markets where you can purchase traditional Rajasthani handicrafts, textiles, and souvenirs. The markets are an excellent place to engage with local artisans and witness the craftsmanship of the region.
    • Haveli Architecture and Design:

      • The havelis in Mandawa exhibit a unique blend of Rajput and Islamic architectural styles. The intricate designs on the walls and ceilings showcase the wealth and artistic tastes of the merchants who built these structures.
    • Tourist Circuit:

      • Mandawa is often included in the Shekhawati region’s tourist circuit, along with other towns like Nawalgarh and Fatehpur. Exploring these towns collectively provides a comprehensive understanding of the cultural and architectural heritage of the area.


After breakfast, drive back to Delhi, our agent will drop you at the airplane terminal from where you can get your trip for further destination.